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Current Menu

Here are the offerings on our

2024 winter menu, "Stampede Air"  

A Gentleman's Study

of Leisurely Pursuits $15

Ransom Rye, Blanche Armagnac, Spiced Maple,

Pasubio, Trinity Bitters, Saline

When you love maple as much as Jonah does, thirty years of leisure moves by in the blink of an eye.

Cheers to all the maple farmers.


Only Love Can Break Your Heart $17

Tequila, Campari, Berry Shrub, Lime,

Grapefruit, Firewater, egg white

This gorgeous, spicy lady will fuck you up.

Not…alcoholic-ly, but like, emotionally.

Deviant's Delight $18

Coconut Fat Washed Tito's Vodka, Borghetti,

Combier, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate & Mole Bitters

After years of R&D in the Blue Labyrinth Labs underneath Stampede we have finally perfected the Espresso Martini. Anything purer has to make a pitstop in Sinaloa

Spyder-550 feat Rick Ross $16

Cognac, Rye, Cherry, Allspice,

Lemon, Orgeat, Abbots Bitters.

The winter cocktail that's Too Good To Be True.

Red Moon Blues $19

Scotch, Apple Cider, Lemon, Le Verger,

Brucato Orchard Amaro, Cinnamon, Angostura. Sage.

Crusher in Autumn. The Honeycrisp air wafts past our orchard photoshoot.Our scarves match our dogs. How did it end up like this?

The Sword that Slew a Billion Angels $18

Mezcal, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Allspice Dram,

Falernum, Lime, OJ, Honey, Angostura Bitters

The Spiritual successor to How to Kill a Friend

Tentacle Hentai Enthusiast $18

Botanist Gin, Thai Rum, Strega, Suze, Cocchi Americano, Scrappy's Alpine bitters,

Chartreuse Vegetal

This nuclear Negroni is going to make you sexually radioactive

A Hot Drink Named Doug $15

Four Roses Bourbon, Jamaican & Barbados Rums,

Ginger Liqueur, Rooibos,

Santa Maria Al Monte, Honey, Lemon

You're cold. Doug's Warm

DTO |  $5


Non-Alcoholic Cocktails ​    
$13 each

Heretical Alchemy

Pathfinder Amaro, Beet, Ginger,

 Lemon, Cinnamon, Orgeat.

The Suductress
Gruvi N/A Red, Wilderton Lustre, Sangria Spices, Orange
Martian Mojo
Wilderton Lustre, Giffard Aperitif Sirop,
Som Tangerine, Orange, Cream,
Vanilla Syrup, N/A Orange Bitters
*contains dairy
Emerald Graves
Seed Lip Garden, Lime, Pineapple Shrub, Demerara, Kiwi
Secret Letters of the Alphabet
Pathfinder Amaro, House-Made Raspberry Shrub, Lime, Grapefruit
Happy Hour Menu
Monday - Thursday, 5-7pm
Sunday - All Day
$11 each 

Stampede martini

Gin Blend, Blanc & Dry Vermouths, Orange Bitters, Caperberry



Rum, Coconut Cream, OJ, Pineapple, Lime, Grated Nutmeg


Dead Man's Mule

Absinthe, Orgeat, Allspice, Lime, Ginger Beer



Anejo Rum, Cacao, Demerara, Lime


El Diablo

Tequila, Cassis, Lime, Ginger Beer


Corpse Reviver #1

Cognac, Calvados, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters


Hot Toddy

Scotch, Allspice Dram, Ginger, Lemon, Honey


White Russian

Vodka, Kahlua, Cream, Orgeat



Aquavit, Cynar, Fino Sherry, Peach Bitters



Rum, Lime, Honey, Cava

Dumplings  $13
(12 dumplings per order- choose one from the 3 varieties below!)

Veggie Medley​


Chicken​ ​


Bubbles - Querena Brut, Cava, Spain, NV: 

$10/36 Clean, Crisp, Zingy


White - Les Deux Moulins, Sauvignon Blanc, France, 2022: $10/36

Crispy Pear, Minerals, Grapefruit, Grassy


Rose - Daou 'Discovery', Grenache, California, 2022: $10/$36

Strawberry, Watermelon, Rosehip


Orange - Bodegas Navarrsotillo 'Gaupasa', Garnacha, Spain, 2022: $10/$36

Stonefruit, Zesty, Tropical


Red - Iuli 'Rossore', Barbera, Italy, 

2018: $14/48

Blackberry, Plum, Dark Chocolate, Balsamic


Red - Domaine des Ardoisieres 'Silice', Moundeuse Noir, France, 2022: $55

Wild Strawberry, Violette, Mushroom, White Pepper


N/A Red - Gruvi Dry Red $8


Seltzer - Nectar Asian Pear $7

Cider - Schilling: $7

Lager - Rainier $4

Dark - Holy Mountain $8

IPA - Cloudburst $8

Pilsner - Stoup $8

N/A IPA - Vandestreek $8

Parties of 8 or more will have a 25% auto gratuity

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